Dynamic duos was their dance theme. Hallie went with her good friend who happens to live just a few houses down from us and they chose to be Woody and Jessie (thanks to Hunter and his friend who got the costumes for Halloween).

As luck would have it, Hallie had an away tennis match the night of the dance. So she was quick to put her opponent away in both doubles and singles and then rushed home to shower and change. She missed out on pictures with their large friend group so we had a quick shoot in our living room with her doubles partner before they joined the group for dinner.

Consensus: Group was fun, dinner was amazing (a mom made the dinner), dance was lame (a common theme for our school dances), the after party at the trampoline park was fun but exhausting (after a tennis match and dancing, those legs were spent!)

And it was quite fitting she dressed as a cowgirl this weekend because tonight a boy and a horse show up to our property to ask her to prom. 🙂

And of course the ask:

And the answer: