We had three soccer games cancelled this weekend due to some storms earlier in the week that caused a lot of field flooding. Suddenly Steve and I were looking at an empty calendar for Friday night and we had high hopes for what we may do to fill our newly cleared schedule. Our reality didn’t quite match our dreams – but we did host a lot of kids and shuttled kids all other town.

I got in and out of my car so many times that evening it started to become comical. (Steve held down the fort at home with all the neighborhood kids we were hosting.) Every pick up or drop off was anywhere from 10-15 minutes each way. None of which would have happened had we had our soccer game, but the kids were grateful for a cleared schedule to play with friends and not have to sit at a game. I know “soccer mom” is a commonly used term but I think it needs to be “mom”. We’re all shuttle drivers at one point or another.

4:15pm Pick up Hunter and friend from the school (He stayed an additional hour after school to play tennis)

6:45pm Take Bennett and friends to a friends house – on the way home grab pizza for all of Briggs’ friends hanging out at our house.

7:30pm Take Hunter to a friends house.

8:00pm Pick up Cannon from KTR (jump place) and take him and friends to another friend’s house.

9:00pm Pick up Cannon from friends house and take his other friends home.

9:45pm Pick up Bennett from friends house and drop off friends and head home.

10:30pm Grateful to receive a text from Hunter saying he didn’t need a ride home. 🙂