My sister-in-law reached out before Christmas to see if there was a weekend they could make a quick visit before my niece left on an adventure teaching english in a far away place. If you look at my calendar, the weekends are full of kids activities; games, lessons, etc. But there was one weekend right after the kids went back to school from Christmas break where we had a free weekend.

I made an amazing list of all the fun things we could do to enjoy the beautiful weather outside. My hopes for an adventurous weekend were dashed when I was informed my niece wasn’t cleared for much activity after her shoulder surgery. No bikes. No scooters. No tennis or pickleball.

Truth is, it doesn’t really matter what we do, it is always a good time. The girls made up dances just like they did when they were little. We laughed. Talked. Shopped. Made a lot of Swig runs. Picked oranges. Watched some ASU tennis. Did puzzles. Went to the temple. Shopped some more.

It was the perfect “last hoorah” before my niece launched into adulthood. These two cousins have always been close and its weird to think they’re both starting adult lives and may not be painting their nails together during the summer family reunion. Sure do love them.