Little known fact – Steve loves air shows. It is such a “dad” thing to be into, but its cute how excited he gets, which is far more excited than the kids!

Both my brother and his sister live close to the base up in Utah and every time we visit them, he marvels at how lucky they are to see and hear the jets every day. (I’m sure it’s cool for a while and then you grow tired of being in your house and feeling the jets go by.)

Last weekend, the day after we returned home from the cruise, Steve got some friends to join him at the local airshow, about 45 minutes away. They left early, sat in traffic for a long time, enjoyed the show, and then left early to avoid crazy traffic.

As he was recounting the day, I thought I sensed some disappointment in his voice. The parking and traffic was ridiculous and the kids had fun but they really didn’t pay attention to the jets much, they were happy throwing rocks at each other.

But he quickly corrected me, he loved the jets and seeing them up close and person was all he could have hoped for and more.