We celebrated a birthday this weekend! Really, we celebrated this birthday a couple weeks ago when we took him to Disneyland, but you can never celebrate enough!

Here’s a snapshot of Briggs right now:

He always has a football in his hands. He’s running the ball into the couch. He takes the ball to tennis matches and soccer games. And he’s always willing to practice a diving catch. He reminds me of Hunter at this age.

He is teased relentlessly by Cannon and he does his fair share of teasing.

He always wants to be with friends; sun-up to sun-down. He’s got some twin best friends in the neighborhood and his day is not complete until he’s played with them.

He has the raspiest voice – it always sounds like he’s losing his voice, but that’s just his tone.

He’s a negotiator and very persistent.

He’s a tough cookie. I’m sure older siblings roughing him around helps but its hard to know how hurt he is because he doesn’t typically complain. Which is why he had a broken arm for 10 days before we realized how serious it was.

He wears his Suns jersey on repeat. And he was stoked when he played rec basketball and they were the junior Suns.

He’s played soccer and basketball so far and is anxiously waiting for football season.

He has an older sister who absolutely adores him and is so good to him. Its hard to believe he’s not going to remember much of her time at home with him growing up.

He’s learning Spanish and has a pretty good accent.

He is a pretty good sport as we cart him around to all the practices and games of his siblings. He always asks if there will be friends there and I try and work with other moms with younger kids to arrange similar schedules.

He spent his birthday at the Lehi Days Rodeo with his two best buddies. They had a basketball game and then went out for treats. He ended the evening watching Wonka with the same friends. He was living his best 8-year-old life.