For spring break, we went on our first cruise and it was successful on all accounts. Our friends invited us to join their family and the invite was open and continued to be passed along so in the end we had a large group of 40+ people and all my kids were happy to have friends their ages. It really was a great setup to fit the needs of so many people and kids spanning so many ages.

We drove over to California one morning and by the afternoon, we were boarding the boat and the kids were already benefiting from the ice cream machine.

If you ask our kids, some of their highlights include:
Ropes Course and Golfing on the boat
The food – the convenience of grabbing food whenever you were hungry (and usually when you weren’t)
The excursions
Endless ice cream cones

I can’t say the food was a highlight for me (it was great food, but anyone who knows me, knows I eat for sustenance not for enjoyment) but I really enjoyed sitting around a fancy dinner table and watching my kids look through the menu and then order their steak for dinner (for multiple nights in a row).

The older kids had complete freedom on the boat and they loved it, but we had to keep close tabs on the younger ones and it was hard when they wanted a much longer leash than we could give them.

Our large group was fun not only because everyone had buddies but also because it made it fun for the adults. We set up camp in a certain area of the boat and there were always people coming and going from our group – someone always grabbing food for the table, and there was always a game being played.

Although all the families planned on eating dinner as individual families, we coordinated meal times so we were on the same schedule.

We also planned our excursions together which was fun but logistically hard due to the size of our group. (We didn’t use the ship excursions – we found our own adventures).

The kids loved our zip line excursion but on a smaller scale they really enjoyed the smaller ropes course on the boat. The lines were a little long, but once they had the harness on, they could stay on the course as long as they wanted…and they did. They went round and round and round. And when they weren’t on the course, they were playing mini-golf or jumping from hot tub to pool and back again to warm up.

There was no shortage of fun from sun up to sun down.