Briggs has never shown much interest in basketball, but all of his friends were playing this season so he was suddenly interested!

We tried getting him to go outside with us and shoot around and although he agreed a few times – he really didn’t take much interest. He reminds me of Hunter at this age – after his first season, Hunter said he didn’t want to play again. (He did eventually play a few more seasons but he took a break even though his friends kept playing.)

Briggs had fun so much fun with his friends and truthfully was probably most excited to be assigned #1 jersey which every Suns fan knows is Booker’s number.

He scored a basket or two most games but really was best at stealing the ball. While we were out of town last weekend for soccer, we were getting live updates from a friend at Briggs’ game.

“8 pts for Briggs in the first half! He’s rocking it today.”

“I bet he’s up to 12 or 14 by now!”

“4 more points since I text you!!!!”

“2 more points for Briggs!”

He ended the game with 20+ points which is crazy since he only shot 3-4 times in all of his earlier games.

This weekend they finished out their season and we were able to bring the whole family.

He was on fire once again – 14 points! But I noticed a difference from his earlier games. He is ambidextrous for the most part. He throws balls with his left hand, yet preschool pushed him to write with his right hand. In previous games, he was shooting with his right hand and he did okay. But I noticed the last game he was shooting with his left hand and he was so much better. He was great at stealing the ball and running it down to score.