Spring is always a little too springy for my liking and moves much too quickly. I swear I just put Christmas away and spring break is next week?! Where did the last two months go?

Inbetween Hunter’s school tennis matches, he’s been finishing up the last couple weeks of league soccer play – before heading into soccer tournament season. So much to look forward to.

Unfortunately, he took some rough hits last Saturday during his soccer game. Every game he is fouled some, but this particular game he took some cheap shots and one particular foul caught him from behind and laid him out. His coach said he took a minute to get back up but he brushed off the grass and walked it off. He finished out the game on the field but he was hurting. The two hour car ride didn’t help and by the time he got home he was struggling.

The next day he woke up and the pain hadn’t subsided. It hurt to move and it hurt to breathe. He couldn’t pin point the source of pain but he ached. The week ahead looked physically daunting – three tennis matches and 4 showcase soccer games as well as practice. We’ve been taking it one day at a time, cancelling practice, cancelling matches…hoping his bruised body would start to feel better.

Today he was able to see a doctor and got the disappointing news he’ll be sitting a while longer while a cracked rib repairs itself. Soccer is out for a while – he’ll be able to return to tennis sooner because its not a contact sport, but his pain will dictate his timeline. We’re all a little bummed.

I feel for his soccer team who is scheduled for a large tournament this weekend and Hunter won’t be on the field as the starting center back – but in Hunter’s words he’ll be the best assistant coach. I’m sure its also frustrating for him to work so hard at tennis and gain a great position only to miss at least half of his season.

We have been so fortunate as far as injuries are concerned for how much our kids participate in sports, but it’s never great timing to sit it out. He’s reluctantly entering a forced period of rest. Hoping for a speedy recovery.