I’m not sure what makes young kids so willing to share but I wasn’t overly surprised when I went to bed one night and I found this brownie on my bed. Steve had one on his nightstand. I think Hallie had one on her bed. I immediately recognized the brownie as Briggs’ birthday treat he shared with his classmates. I knew there would be extras but I figured he would give the leftovers to some of his friends on the bus. Or better yet, hide the leftovers and enjoy them privately over time! 🙂

But instead, he shared – kids are the best.

It’s not the first time as a mom I’ve found little treats on my pillow…mints, hershey kisses, little candies…but the brownie was a first – luckily it was packaged!

I have to imagine with our kids getting older we’re on our final moments of kids leaving something special on our pillows. Sadly, Hallie hasn’t left me a pillow treat in years and years. Maybe I should remind her that used to be a thing she would do for us. 🙂