Both Bennett and Hunter’s soccer teams had tournaments in Las Vegas this weekend. We drove from one side of town to the other and back again…so many times! We were in constant limbo of both teams stationed at two different hotels and we did our best to balance it.

Bennett played like a rockstar. This is a new team for Bennett with a new coach and they’ve come so far since the beginning of the year. His team fought hard and I was so proud of how they performed. The major bummer was ending the tournament with one player sustaining a broken and displaced wrist in the last 10 minutes of our last game. We were so close to an injury free weekend!

Hunter’s cracked rib left him on the sidelines of the tournament the day before we left for Vegas. This was a tough loss for both Hunter and his team. Hunter was just one of 4 starters unable to play in this tournament: A forward out with his second broken clavicle (thanks to soccer), goalie was out with a broken foot (wakeboarding) and our holding mid had surgery for appendicitis the day before the games started. That is not the way we wanted to walk into a tournament but the rest of the team showed up (including some borrowed players from our younger team) and they gave it their best and did surprisingly well.

Hunter enjoyed being on the sidelines with the coach to see the game from a different vantage point. He loved being an assistant coach for the weekend, talking through the game. And according to his coach he offered valuable insight to strategy and positioning. The kid knows soccer.

Hunter was convinced eating ribs would help his own rib recover faster and he got all his teammates to agree to a BBQ dinner. No complaints from Bennett!

Both Bennett’s and Hunter’s teams decided on team bonding bowling (on different days) and it was apparent they should all stick to soccer. Although Steve rocked it and bowled one of his best games yet. Vegas was lucky for him.

We didn’t have a whole lot of time between Hunter’s 4 games and Bennett’s 3 games in our quick 48 hours, but the short break we did have, Bennett wanted to see the Strat hotel. He had heard about it before coming to Vegas and it lived up to the hype.

You want to know what else lived up to the hype? The sphere – we didn’t even go inside and we were still crazy impressed.