We went on a cruise with friends for Spring Break last week and it was unanimous – the zip-line excursion was everyone’s highlight. We took a large commercial bus with the 39 members of our group to a course just 40 minutes from our port and there were only a few visitors besides us so we really had the place to ourselves and I was impressed with how efficiently they got our large group through the course.

I asked the employee putting on my harness if I could take my nice camera on the course. He looked at the camera, looked at another worker and they both shrugged in agreement – there were only a few moments on one of the suspension bridges where I was a little concerned as I held it close keeping it from swinging around as I hung onto the cable with my free hand. And I’m sure glad I brought it along.

I’ve been on several zip lines – the higher and longer the better. But our kids really didn’t know what to expect. I was actually a little surprised to see my younger kids step off the first platform without any fear or hesitation, the just jumped and trusted the cable!

Between the zip line runs, we had to cross suspension bridges. I viewed the bridges as a means to get to the next zip line but the truth is the suspension bridges were much more fun than I anticipated and just as fun as the zip line. Of course kids like Hunter made it more of an adventure as they would jump to get it rocking or get it to sway side to side.

They were all smiles the whole time – highly recommend!