Last weekend we witnessed the sweet baptism of our youngest child, Briggs.

Last year Briggs realized Hunter would be old enough to baptize him and at that moment, his mind was made up, he wanted Hunter to perform the ordinance. I worried Steve may be a little bummed to not baptize all of our kids, but he assured me he was excited and totally supported Briggs’ decision.

How could I not be excited when these two were all smiles – so happy to be in the baptismal font together.

Briggs was the only one from our congregation getting baptized this day so our family was able to decide the program. Hallie and I both spoke, Hunter baptized, Bennett and Cannon witnessed, Hallie and friends sang a musical number and Steve confirmed. This was the first time in our 5 baptisms we were able to have a family program and I was so grateful to involve all of our family in one way or another – made it even more special and memorable.

We were surrounded and supported by so many friends and family – and Briggs’ best buddies.

I wish I had a picture of everyone who joined us that afternoon – the best I got was a family picture (missing a few who had already left). Briggs was well loved (Including a whole group of Hallie’s friends which I’ll write another separate post about) and was beaming on his special day.

In years past, we’ve hosted a family dinner after our kids’ baptisms. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it!) our extended family had busy Saturday evenings they were rushing off to which left my parents and Steve’s parents and our good family friends to join us for dinner. My mom was making me feel a little guilty (not really, she was just teasing me) that Briggs would claim he never got anything the big kids got – like a baptism dinner. I figured as long as it was memorable, he wouldn’t care what the dinner was so instead of hosting a dinner at our house, we went to Organ Stop Pizza, dress clothes and all.

It was an evening Briggs will always remember. Neither Steve or I had ever been there but we heard from several people their kids love this place, and it did not disappoint. A live organist played through our dinner complete with all the bells…and whistles…and light shows – it was quite the production and pretty entertaining.