Briggs was pretty decisive when it came to the theme of his friends birthday party this year – he knew he wanted a Dude Perfect party and there was no changing his mind.

I’m pretty sure, every week starting a month before his birthday he was asking when his party was going to be. But spring is busy and he had his trip to Disneyland and we had spring break and I kept hoping there would be a less busy time and we could throw it on the calendar – but less busy days don’t exist in a family our size so one morning while looking at the calendar, I realized the following day they were out of school and within an hour the invites were sent and everyone responded they could join.

I’m grateful to amazon who could deliver balloons, gift bags, lanyards and party favors just 12 hours after ordering. I also have a plethora of decor I’ve used for a number of parties so I was able to pull out the black and white banners and pinwheels and create a festive backdrop.

Briggs couldn’t care less about the decorations, he just wanted to do trick shots. We came up with a number of trick shots and assigned a point value to each – of course this included bottle flipping!

Every kid had a lanyard and as they would make shots, I would give them a small printed point value they would put in their pouch. We had shots where Steve, Bennett and Canner would be competing and the kids would have to choose whether they were team Steve/Bennett/Cannon and they happily collected their points when their team made their shots!

All these boys, except two, live in our neighborhood – they don’t know how lucky they have it to live so close to each other. However at this age they can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies in a matter of hours. Sometimes the distance is too close. 🙂