Today was a cold and rainy Easter – not something we’ve seen since moving to Arizona years ago but I had flashbacks to our snowy Wisconsin Easter celebrations.

We had a fully loaded crepe breakfast before heading off to church. Our church services were full of beautiful testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ through song and word and it was lovely on all accounts. (Hallie, Hunter and Bennett even participated in one of the musical numbers!) In an effort to make this holiday a little more special, we spent the week focused on different aspects of Holy Week, watched inspiring videos and messages, attended the Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple and listened to inspirational music. I am grateful for the additional focus and how it impacted my worship and gratitude for Jesus Christ as we celebrated Easter today.

I wanted to take our annual Easter pictures after church while we were all dressed in our Sunday best but it was rainy and miserable and not worth the struggle and I think all the kids were a little surprised I was willing to give it up so quickly. A casual picture will have to do this year!

Luckily, the rain cleared (although it was still rather cold for an Arizona spring) by the time we gathered with family for dinner and the egg hunt was able to continue as planned. The teenagers hid eggs for the younger kids in the backyard and the adults hid eggs for the teenagers in the front yard. I’m realizing you’re never too old to enjoy a challenging egg hunt – especially when some of the eggs contain money!

I’m grateful for friends who carry on traditions for us and that includes coloring eggs – something I gave up many years ago but we enjoy with friends each year. I’m not even sure many people still hide real eggs but they sure are fun to decorate.