The running joke at our house lately is that Halllie will soon be moving on and as such we’re having a lot of “Lasts” (Even though we all know better – kids always seem to make their way home ever after they’ve moved away!)

Yesterday, Easter, as we were taking our traditional Easter basket pictures, the boys were joking about next years picture with only four people. Hallie is looking to serve a mission for our church and it is likely she won’t be around next Easter. It made me start to think of all the years we’ve taken photos with these same baskets.

Hunter was just a baby when I started this tradition and our family continued to grow over the years – we’re now starting the decline of kids living at home and our picture will get smaller and smaller. 🙂

Bennett was born just two days after this picture of Hallie and Hunter – which is why the next year he wasn’t a very little baby!