As the school year starts the wind down process – so do the kids’ sports/activities.

We’ve been in the soccer scene for a while now and I’m a much different soccer mom today than I was for Hunter – I like to think I’m getting better!

We have learned not every season is a great experience. Poor coaching. Lack of chemistry with teammates. Wrong division for the skillset. And so many more reasons. As parents, this can cause panic and frustration – our talented kid is being stifled! We must find a new coach. Better team. More organized club.

But the truth is, the grass is rarely greener. Kids jump to new teams and parents have new complaints. However, if there was ever a time I would be searching for greener pastures it would be this year with Cannon’s team. And I’ve realized through experience – some years are just like that. It doesn’t mean we’re throwing in the towel on soccer – he still loves it. Doesn’t mean we’re leaving the club because as a whole, I strongly believe in their mission. It just means we had a rough year and we’re hoping next year is better.

Despite the season, Cannon had one of his last soccer tournaments last weekend and he closed it out on a high. He is a defender, just like his two older brothers. But once in a while, he gets the chance to play up. Steve incentivized him with ice cream after the game if he could score and he went full force. The time was running out and we got a last minute free kick. Cannon often takes the kicks but doesn’t use the kick to shoot on goal. Despite his distance from the goal – outside the 18′, he went for it and sailed it perfectly above the goalie’s reach and scored. I think everyone including the coach was surprised and a celebration ensued. (I think defenders are always surprised when they get a chance to score!)

It was the final minutes of the final game of his tournament and it was the perfect ending.