Bennett is finally a teenager and he has assured me he won’t start acting like one.

Here’s a snapshot of Bennett as he enters his teen years:

He loves soccer. I have tried over the years to get him to play other sports but he is adamant that soccer is his thing.

He still sings loudly in the bathroom for all to hear.

He is an enforcer in all things. He will follow the rules and he will make sure everyone else follows them as well.

He follows professional sports and always seems to know the most random stats.

He is social. He gets home from school and if he doesn’t have practice he gets his homework done and then he’s out the door to find friends.

He thrives on structure and schedules and he is always on time. Always.

He’s a charmer and he has figured out how to make friends with all of Hallie’s friends – they love him.

He has the most animated facially expressions and he’s the most fun to give gifts to.

He is thoughtful and observant. He will often be the first to ask how a sporting event went, or a meeting, or anything else he knows is important in your life.

He goes to AZ Brainfood with me every Thursday morning before school and he knows how to work.

He has high expectations for himself, which leads to high expectations of others.

He loves watching the TV show survivor and will analyze every person and strategic move.

He’s growing up so fast, but then I watch him bike around the neighborhood with all his friends and he still looks so young. Hard to believe he’s a teenager. Happy birthday buddy!