I know this is the third baptism post, but I just had one more thought and I thought it deserved it’s own space.

One of my favorite parts about raising teenagers is almost every weekend, we’ve got a house full of friends. The night before Briggs’ baptism we had a house full of Hallie’s friends. These are kids who have spent a lot of time in our home and are very comfortable with our family (and I’m already mourning their graduation next month!)

These sweet friends saw Briggs’ baptism invitation sitting on the counter and they asked if it was an open invitation. Several said they were going to come but I know Saturday afternoons can be busy and I really didn’t expect to see any of them. I had a musical number on the program – but I didn’t list who was performing the number. I figured I would invite all the primary age children to sing “I am a Child of God”.

But then an hour before the baptism Hallie’s friends started texting asking what time they should show up – and I started to think these friends might actually attend. And I knew if these friends attended, I wanted them to sing the musical number.

I was so happy to see them start walking through the door and taking a seat. I quickly walked over to them and invited them to be the musical number. There was no hesitation. They were in.

I wish I could accurately describe the feelings of my heart watching these seniors walk up to the front of the room and sing the first primary song they probably ever learned. I love these kids and I love they were willing to stand in front of everyone – regardless of their lack of musical talent – and sing for their friend’s little brother’s baptism. These kids have become like family with how much time they spend in our home. They are all headed out on missions for our church in the next couple months and I can’t wait to hear about their adventures and experiences.

Briggs was beaming from the front row as they sang and he was just excited with the attention he received after the baptism. These kids are so good to my boys and I love how special they made Briggs feel on a Saturday afternoon. You can never have enough good examples in life and I’m constantly reminded our village is overflowing with goodness.