I have attended plenty of high school “senior nights” for different sports, but last night I was celebrating my own daughter’s senior night (last home match) and I experienced all the emotions. She has played on this high school court for four years and I can’t describe my gratitude for all the good we’ve seen come from this.

There have been tears of frustration and tears of joy. There have been injuries and unexpected victories. There are have been special friendships. There have been moments of insecurities. There has been so much growth in the level of play. There have been periods of burnout. There have been playful bus rides. There have been so many coaches who have helped her develop as a player.

She has grit and she’s proven it over and over again.

It was fun to celebrate her and the other two seniors (one of which is her best friend and doubles partner) last night. They have earned all the praise and celebration.

Hallie has never lacked a robust support system for her high school tennis. Friends, family and neighbors have encouraged her from the bleachers. As luck would have it, Steve’s two sisters were in town for spring break and were able to join her cheering squad. Add them to the three families who live locally and she had quite the crowd. (We didn’t grab a picture until two families had already left.) In fact one spectator observed everyone watching/cheering for her and was impressed with how posed she was competing on the top court with so much pressure.

Her cousin is two years older than her and they competed for the same high school a few years back. It was fun for her to see just how much Hallie has grown in the last two years, she looks like a totally different player!

I think in the rush and adrenaline of the evening – it didn’t leave a whole lot of time to reflect and be sad – but I did have time to watch my girl shine and it was rewarding. It’s been a beautiful run and I will always be her biggest cheerleader.

We have one more away match as well as a region and state tournament. We’re not quite done yet, in fact, she’s doubling down at this point in the season prepping for state!