I am a firm believer in the idea of “we find what we’re looking for” and recently I’ve been on a mission to recognize the beautiful village of people who surround my family – and I want to record more of these simples acts.

I had one such experience today. Hunter texted me asking me to bring his tennis bag to school after his 6th hour class. I pulled into the parking lot. Ran into another mom, chatted for a few minutes before delivering Hunter’s bag to him. As I handed off the bag, I noticed a girl from our neighborhood standing on the sidewalk, clearly waiting for a ride. I offered her a ride but she said her mom was on her way. I put the car into drive and inched forward before I stopped asking the girl how close her mom actually was. She checked her location and found she was just outside our neighborhood. So I quickly called her mom and told her to turn around and the girl hopped in my car.

Just an hour later, I got a phone call from Hunter who was ready to be picked up. So I hopped back in the car and made my way back to the school. As I exited the neighborhood, I received a call from a neighbor who was driving behind me. She asked if I was on my way to the school to grab Hunter – and then offered to grab him for me. She was grabbing a group of girls and she could throw Hunter in with them. It was a simple gesture. 1. She recognized me driving in front of her. 2. She made the effort to call and offer the ride.

I quickly turned the car around in the next intersection and was grateful. Not that I couldn’t go grab him or even that I was busy and needed that relief. It was just a kind gesture and it made me aware and grateful for those in my village.