As much as we didn’t want Hallie’s tennis season to overshadow Hunter’s season – it totally did. When Hunter told us he was going to try out for the tennis team we were pretty honest with him. Unfortunately, the boys and girls’ teams play on the same day, one home and one away – Hallie and Hunter would be playing matches at the same time the whole season.

We watch Hunter play soccer year-round. We went to every freshman tennis match in the fall for him. Hallie plays one sport and she had one final season – we were going to be at her matches. Luckily, this is a secondary sport for him and he was totally understanding. And then he went and broke a rib in his soccer game and was out half the tennis season anyway.

Towards the end of his season, I was able to make it to two matches where games had been rescheduled. And to surprising, I loved watching him on the court. I never thought I would say I enjoyed watching tennis, but I really do – especially when my kids are playing.

Hunter had a great season (albeit cut short due to injury). He held his position and even climbed the team ladder. He made friends with the upper classmen and I’m grateful for kind boys who looked after him and made time for him. (It helped to have a cute senior sister who is friends with everyone on the boys team!)

He loved his time on the court – he loved the team – he loved the training.

There was a period towards the end of the season where he shared in frustration his disappointment with his improvement throughout the season. He’s obviously harder on himself than anyone else would be but it was good chance to have a conversation about what he wants to dedicate to the sport. He runs on a tight after school schedule due to his commitment to his education and to soccer. And as much as he wants to get better at tennis, he frankly doesn’t have the time and he’s not willing to give up soccer. We came to the conclusion he’s got to be okay with tennis filling the cracks of his schedule when he can make it work – which wasn’t the answer he was hoping for. But the option of adding two more hours to his day was out of my control!

I was not at all surprised when he came to me at the beginning of the week requesting to attend tennis clinic when he recognized he had a two week break from soccer (totally abnormal, but we just had tryouts for the next season and they give the kids a break to finish up the school year). He’s been on the court every day.

I will give it to him – he knows how to work and he’s dedicated. I’m confident he will maximize the slivers of time in his schedule.