Our school participates in a traditional baccalaureate – a faith based graduation ceremony – typically held the Sunday before graduation. As luck would have it one of Hallie’s best friends was asked to speak at it. Even better, the student council president in charge also asked Steve to be the main speaker.

I was looking forward to this ceremony and it did not disappoint. Steve shared a beautiful talk he prepared and related a scary scuba diving experience he had and the need to be still in waters of commotion. Totally relatable for these graduates as they enter the decade of decisions.

Its fun to think 24 years ago Steve sat in this same auditorium as a senior himself. Full circle.

In addition to the ceremony, graduates use this evening to shoot their graduation pictures with friends since we graduate at 8pm to avoid the heat and it’s too dark for any good photos.

We sat in that courtyard for a while shooting everybody and anybody who wanted a photo. This group and that group and add three people here and these two by themselves…they’re all just hanging on to this moment.