In the midst of all the attention on Hallie – I was able to spend the morning with Briggs on a school field trip to the butterfly museum. History has shown his class has more parents willing to chaperone than spots available and every field trip ends up with a “chaperone lottery” to see who gets to go. As luck would have it I won the lottery on quite possibly one of the busiest weeks of the year!

Honestly, it was probably what I needed most. Aside from the bus ride, where my legs were physically too long to fit in between the seats, it was really enjoyable experience. I feel like I’ve been running a marathon (says every parent in May with multiple children!) and Hallie’s upcoming graduation has obviously added a lot of that. So to go to a butterfly conservatory with second graders was a much needed change of pace.

I sat and watched kids try and catch butterflies. It was a very “stop to smell the roses” kind of moment. It was funny to watch some kids attract butterfly, after butterfly to land on them or to crawl on to their hand. And other kids didn’t seem to have the same magic touch. We stayed in the conservatory for over an hour and the kids were so content chasing butterflies – I was actually impressed with how long this kept their attention. It really was such a peaceful environment even with a bunch of rambunctious 2 graders running around.

There was so much simple excitement.