The only thing better than a weekend camping trip is a weekend camping trip without mom!

And although we refer to it as a campout, the truth is Steve goes with his friend and they sleep in an RV. They travel and sleep comfortably and play hard.

I’m not sure what they eat but I watch the bags of treats/snacks loaded into the car and it’s a miracle they aren’t sick. This is why it’s more fun without mom – because mom’s worry about stuff like that.

They come home filthy and happy.

And if it looks like some of our boys are missing from these photos, they are. Hunter was with me at a soccer tournament in California and shockingly Bennett was at the campout. There is no photographic proof he was there, but he was. He must have been busy running around with his friends. He missed the memo it was a Father/Son campout, not a friends campout!