Hallie donned her cap and gown for the first time for the first ever “Graduate Parade” for our high school. Graduates were bussed to their old elementary school where they were greeted by enthusiastic students lining the hallways and courtyards with homemade signs. They cheered and screamed as they stuck out their hands to generously give high fives to all the graduates walking by.

There was so much energy and so much excitement. The graduates walked their old hallways and gave hugs to tearful educators who supported them at a much younger age. At one point, I stood in the courtyard as the kids chanted in unison “MVT” (the local high school they will be a part of one day) as the graduates made their way through. It was a simple, yet powerful and emotional moment – representative of so many people cheering these graduates on as they venture into an unknown world. I hope they make that transition with the energy of those third graders who were screaming for them in excitement.

Briggs and Cannon were lucky enough to be cheering for their sister and her friends. The looks on their faces when they saw their sister walking by was priceless – they knew a celebrity that day and they let all their friends know it!

And Hallie was so cute and just as excited to see them – the way she looked into their eyes and pullsed them in was magical.