All these kids call me mother and it has become my favorite title. I’m fine tuning what being a mother means to me and how I am going to execute that responsibility given my talents and abilities. This vision of motherhood has drastically changed over the years. If my kids ever want to argue Briggs has a different mother than Hallie – I will totally agree. I’ve changed. I’ve evolved. Hopefully I’ve gotten better. And truthfully, I’m focusing on what I think is important.

These 5 humans are so important to me. I think about them. I pray for them. I laugh with them. I cheer for them. I am their mother and I take that job very seriously.

This sweet girl spoke in church today about Christlike attributes and how she sees those attributes in her mother. I purposely didn’t want to hear the talk before she gave it today and I was blown away sitting in the congregation. She was so articulate and poised. She was confident and vulnerable.

It was beautiful.

She is beautiful – inside and out and I thank my lucky stars my guinea pig is as awesome as she is. Oh how I love being her mother.

We had a beautiful day of family meals, church with Hallie speaking and special program for our second hour, family walk and watching old home videos. My heart is full.

And it’s always fun to see how your kids view you…the older they get, the more they know you! It’s good to know if Briggs had a million he’d give me half. Whereas Hunter would only give me some massage coupons. 🙂