If you look at my photo catalog right now, you’ll notice a common theme over the last month: Hallie.

The final quarter of her senior year is proving to be more eventful than I could have imagined and we’re enjoying every minute.

And as much as we’re enjoying this stage – it can be exhausting. When I read this quote, I relate with it deep in my bones.

Parenting is a marathon. With Hallie, we are on that final sprint uphill in pouring rain, while avoiding lightning bolts!

Friends warned me this would be the case, but Hallie seems to be stealing the show and attention lately (rightfully so) and I’m having a hard time not writing every post about her. Tennis season. Church senior dinner. City tournament. Senior photos. State tennis. Prom. Elementary graduation walk. Graduation announcements. And it keeps on coming!

Because this blog is a history of our family, I try really hard to give space to every kid and what they’re up to. But I’m just preparing you – it’s about to become the Hallie show. Its inevitable – she’s graduating and we are celebrating that accomplishment and everything that goes along with that – which is a lot!

Consider yourself warned!