Steve and I got to spend the day in seminary; from A-hour to 7th period. Back in the day we tag teamed early morning seminary and that was a chore – but teaching all day is a different experience. For starters – we taught the same thing every hour and yet every class had varying levels of engagement. We have a personal relationship with many of the kids that walked into our classroom because they are from our stake (geographic assignment) and those classes always were more engaged.

One class in particular had both Hallie and Hunter (they are typically in the same class which is fun for them) and several of their friends. I don’t want to claim favorites, but it was by far our best class. Knowing them personally definitely has an effect on how they acted in the class and their level of participation.

My favorite was seeing kids walk through our door who don’t belong to our stake but wanted to be in our classroom because they’ve spent time in our home and they know we love them – and we really do.

These teenagers offered so many insightful thoughts and feelings throughout the day. I was impressed with their willingness to share the deeper side of their hearts in vulnerable ways.

And in an effort to keep it real, we also had kids walk through our door who were so disrespectful and I was reminded why teenagers sometimes get a bad reputation. We didn’t know these kids, they didn’t know us – they weren’t from our stake. I’m sure because they didn’t know us it was easy to act the way they did and as luck would have it, it was our last and largest class of the day which made it even harder.

Fortunately, the good outweighed the bad. It usually does. We had a great day filled with so many positive connections.