When my parents came last month for Briggs’ baptism they came a few days early and stayed a few days after and they got more than they bargained for with all our family had going on – you’d think it was an abnormally busy/crazy week but it was just another week in April! We have learned to manage this busy stage with 5 kids and not only do we manage it, we enjoy it.

Just an hour after my parent’s plane landed, we headed straight to Hallie’s tennis match. This is the first time my parents have seen her play this year and it was fun to brag on our girl just a little bit with how much she has improved as a player. She had a tough doubles match (she knew this match was crucial to her state seeding) and came out victorious.

The next day, we were able to watch Hunter’s tennis match. Typically our boys and girls’ teams play the same day just in opposite location so it was unusual for Hunter to have a match and not Hallie. We took the opportunity to watch him play. And promptly left after he was finished to make it to Bennett’s school soccer game.

We were able to serve at AzBrainfood together – love they get to be here with me once in a while.

Saturday both Hunter and Bennett had state play-off soccer games before Briggs’ baptism. My dad was a soccer coach since I was young and he’s still a fan of the game – he doesn’t even have to know anyone on the team to enjoy a soccer game. It’s just an added bonus when he gets to watch his grandkids.

We squeezed in some backyard project work – I knew this week was crazy with kids’ schedules so we didn’t really plan on working on much but we found a few pockets of time and my dad jumped in to help.

My mom came with me to take Hallie’s senior pictures. We found the coolest day of the week in hopes she wouldn’t be sweating and instead it was nice and breezy – a little too breezy at times.

We made a visit to our neighbor in the care facility. My dad and him had built a fun relationship over the years of my dad visiting here and even though he doesn’t remember either one of us, it was still a good visit.

We attended yet another school soccer game for Bennett but no photographic evidence!

It was a great week. My parents were good sports as we traipsed from one activity to the next – they were fully immersed in our lives and I’m sure they went home exhausted.