I don’t think I’m quite ready to talk about these photos – considering that just looking at them makes me tear up. (And I have so many other tennis posts to catch up on – I’ll have to circle back to them!)

But Hallie’s face carries all the emotion from this afternoon when she competed in her last high school tennis match. She left it all on the court today and I couldn’t be more proud as I watched her. She has come so far in the last year alone; developing a dangerous serve and stroking the ball effortlessly. She has worked so hard and dedicated so much time to the sport, tennis is deeply rooted in her life.

But she has decided she does not want to pursue tennis after high school so this is the end of her competitive road as she knows it. And even though she strongly stands by that decision, it doesn’t make the end any easier. So today was a little emotional. For her and for us. I love watching her play – I would choose watching her over most any other entertainment or sport. And I’m going to greatly miss it. Probably just as much as she’s going to miss playing it. I keep reminding her tennis is a lifelong sport and she’ll probably play for the rest of her life. But today was the end of a really important chapter in her life.

Her coach said it best as he drove the van full of girls out of the parking lot this evening. He rolled down the window as I crossed the parking lot. With enthusiasm in his voice, he waved and said, “We had a good run!”

We sure did.