For two years, Hunter was my AZ Brainfood buddy every Thursday morning. He moved on to high school and was no longer available to help out – but lucky for me Bennett entered junior high just as Hunter was leaving so I still have a late start kid and Bennett was my buddy every Thursday morning. (Our junior high starts an hour after our high school and elementary school)

About 2 months into the school year, Bennett was asked to give a talk in church and in his talk he talked about his weekly service. The next day I got a text from a mom in our congregation – she loved Bennett’s message and her junior high son was inspired to want to serve. Our Thursday morning junior high kids grew and every week they worked side-by-side helping to fight local hunger by providing 92,915 bags of food to elementary aged kids.

The stars aligned and on our last day of the school year and two of my sisters-in-law, cousin and aunt were there helping at the same time. That never happens. My sister-in-law and cousin are both drivers, delivering food to schools so I rarely seem them on Thursday mornings. And then they each brought a family member with them and it was a joy unpacking peanut butter with them while catching up.

I am grateful for another year of Brainfood. Luckily Bennett has another year in junior high and he gets to join me again next year.