A year and a half ago, Hallie and I saw Benson Boone in concert in a small dive bar in Phoenix – 500 people max. After Hallie gave him a hug after the concert I remember telling her, “Remember this moment – you saw him in concert before he was big!”

Of course, after that concert we were big fans. In fact we played his music so much everyone in the family became a fan. When I saw he was coming to Phoenix again, I knew we had to get tickets but there was one very large hiccup – it was the night of the state tennis championship. We bought pit/floor tickets anyway knowing we could easily sell them if Hallie ended up with a conflict that night.

On Saturday, Hallie lost in the semi-finals which was a total disappointment – the only advantage was she could now go to the concert. Hunter and Hallie both kept a ticket and we sold the rest of them to their friends and on Monday evening they stood and sang at the top of their lungs. (We offered one to Bennett for his birthday but he was concerned it would be hard to see standing in the pit at his height so he chose a different birthday gift)

And they were close. Not quite as close as our dive bar experience, but still really close.

I was kind of wishing I had kept a ticket for myself – he puts on such a great concert – but I was spent. We had been running from one thing to the next for quite a while and the end of Hallie’s tennis season seemed to be the very peak of the busyness and the thought of standing for hours with a bunch of screaming fans just wasn’t very enticing.

But both Hallie and Hunter came home beaming – they had the time of their lives and they both recounted their favorite moments. A night they won’t soon forget.