She graduated. She promised she wouldn’t grow up and then she went ahead and graduated on us! Time is a thief.

She started high school during a pandemic. She was a freshman doing online classes. When they finally allowed them to go back to school, they could only go every other day and they wore masks. She couldn’t go to football games. She played on the high school basketball and tennis team while wearing a mask. It was a rough start.

But boy did she finish strong and she made up for that lost year.

She went to all the games, she dressed up for the themes, she went hard at every dance, she was a dedicated student, she joined the clubs…she experienced high school to the fullest which makes it even more rewarding to celebrate the end.

It was a beautiful night. She was happy and she walked with confidence.

After everyone threw their hats, she cried and embraced some of her good friends – she has been surrounded by some of the best even as its ebbed and flowed over the years. It was a night to celebrate.