I’m not entirely sure when or how it started.

I think it might have been last summer. We were trying to figure out how to create a house of learning for Hallie and her friends as they were starting their senior year and prepping to launch into adulthood. It started out small. A friend or two would come over later on a Sunday night after our younger kids were in bed and I would make cookies as they sat at the counter and talked. I learned so much about them and their lives and their perspectives. We talked about life decisions. Finances. High school and college. Missions. Dating. Everything was on the table.

And those few kids turned into a few more. And a few more. It wasn’t every Sunday, but dang near. And it wasn’t always the same kids. It ebbed and flowed. But Sunday afternoons Hallie would get texts asking if “Cookies with Kara” was on that night. Even when I was tired and didn’t want to make cookies – I mustered the energy for these kids.

The last couple Sundays I’ve been a little emotional as I mix the cookie dough – fully aware my time with them was coming to an end as they leave for summer school and missions and family vacations. Cookies with Kara is coming to an end. (I’m not ready for it to be done – hopefully I can squeeze a few more in between our vacations.)

I’m going to miss them. I’m going to miss our Sunday evening discussions. (Or in this case a Monday evening when they came over after pickleball club because Sunday was Mother’s day and they needed to be with their own mothers!)

I love them all and I love how much energy and life they’ve brought into our home – they are ready to launch!