He’s the favorite parent and I’m okay with that – he’s my favorite too!

He is the epitome of charity. He loves without judgement. He serves without motive. He makes you feel loved and important. He is everything good in a father.

When I met and married him, I knew he was amazing in so many ways. But seeing him fulfill his role as a father is even more impressive than I could have dreamed. He was made for this!

Even though his 15-year-old son has outgrown him! Those are the moments you just don’t think are ever going to happen.

The kids have filled out these interviews since the time they were little. Steve joked that maybe we should start changing up the questions – but the truth is, it’s fun to see them answer the same questions year after year. Steve hasn’t changed much, but as they get to know him better, their answers have changed and I love to see the progression.

I feel fortunate to be raising kids with this man – we make a great team!