I am loving the shift in education to hands-on instruction and we’re starting to see it trickle down to all of our classrooms, elementary through high school. One day a week, during the school year, Cannon takes a bus to a nearby school for a day of learning. I think this is his favorite day of the week because the learning is “fun”.

For weeks, he worked on a project and he was so excited for his showcase when we could come into his classroom. He and his partner had to create a game that incorporated legos and laws of motion in some fashion and we were impressed with what they come up with. In fact everyone in his class had such a unique approach to their game – it was fun to see what their little brains could create.

I wish I could say I beat Steve but the truth is I ended up in handcuffs for unknowingly cheating – I argued the rule wasn’t spelled out correctly – something they’ll definitely need to fix if they want to take this game to market. 🙂