I think Hallie has been talking about a senior trip to Lake Powell since she was a sophomore – and by nothing short of a miracle, we were able to make that dream a reality. Lake Powell is our family’s favorite vacation and as luck would have it the senior trip and our family trip were only a week apart and they were vastly different experiences – both amazing in their own right. Steve and I were one of three married couples asked to come on this trip and of course bring our boat. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this experience.

They graduated on a Thursday, went to their all-night senior party and then we were on the road early the next morning – we had some sleepy kids on the ride up! (And a sleepy mom because I was at the senior party until the wee hours of the morning!)

Like Hallie, Lake Powell is one of my very favorite places and I don’t need to be convinced of how awesome it is. But this trip was special in a very specific way and I’m not even sure I’ll be able to put into words what I took away from it – but it settle deep in my heart.

These kids are such good friends. They love spending time together and their energy was contagious. But my very favorite moments of this trip were in the quiet of the night, when the sun had dropped beyond the horizon and we sat crowded in the living room of the house boat for evening devotionals led by different groups of kids. This is where their friendships and love for one another was palpable. They shared some of their struggles and what brings them joy. They lifted and cheered for each other. I looked forward to every evening devotional and if you ask most of the kids, they will all tell you it was their favorite part of the trip as well.

They went surfing and tubing and foiling. They enjoyed cliff jumping and glow stick dance parties. They took turns buzzing each other’s hair and making friendship bracelets and playing games. They went hiking and explored caves. They laughed and cried and it was so fun to be a part of. They really are the best.

I think part of the specialness of this trip was the realization that 10 of the 17 kids have received their mission calls and the first leaves in a few short weeks. They know their time together is short and they are basking in the moment. This trip was a dream. I think the best way to describe it was witnessing lightning in a bottle.