I think there is a general consensus that high schoolers don’t want their parents on campus. I get it. It’s like their worlds are colliding and they would much prefer to keep them separate.

This past year, I worked a lot with the high school on different committees which means I spent a lot of time on campus. For the most part I wouldn’t see my kids and the world continued to spin on its axis.

But then Hunter’s innovative freshman program started inviting parents in regularly for presentations and projects and surprisingly Hunter didn’t object to me coming in. I made sure to reward him by showing up with a Swig drink! He was happy. I was happy.

On the second presentation, I texted a friend letting her know her daughter rocked her part. She was surprised I was there. Her daughter informed her parents weren’t coming. 🙂 Teenagers are lovely, aren’t they?!

You better believe I showed up with another drink. And the pattern was set – I made sure if I was coming on campus and would be seeing my kids, I would have drinks in hand. And not surprising, they looked forward to my visits.

It was a simple gesture that made all the difference. And nothing makes me more happy than my high schoolers wanting me to show up and see them at school. I’m convinced the way to a teenagers heart is through food!