When we were at Lake Powell with Hallie’s senior friends, there was a “buzzing” party where he boys took turns buzzing each other’s heads. This was a great idea in theory but the clippers they brought were primitive and it left their haircuts much to be desired.

As we pulled into town (much later than anticipated due to some car troubles in our group) the boys were asking if I could clean up their haircuts. I was on board – but I was exhausted and couldn’t imagine having every one at my house that night. So I pushed them off until the next morning and then they all showed up. My house was loud and full of laughter and all of them had popsicles from the freezer – just the way I like it.

And after I cleaned up the senior boys – Hunter decided to join the fun and one of the boys buzzed his head. And because Hunter is persuasive, Cannon wasn’t too long after!

They are all loving their new summer dos!