Hunter’s soccer team played in a tournament last November that qualified them for a national event in California 6 months later! In May, it was finally time for us to compete.

I’ve noticed, the older my kids get and the higher their level of competitive play, the more they travel as a team and less as families. There was a weekend neither Steve or I could swing taking Hunter to an out of state game and another mom swooped in and took my boy. This weekend it was my turn.

May is quite possibly the busiest month of the year (it puts December to shame) but luckily, my friend has a son on the team and we we made a trip out of it and we had a great time despite my car smelling like dirty socks for days. After a few days, we had a degree in teenage lingo and I’ve never heard “Bruh” more times in my life.

Its an added bonus that I love watching Hunter play. He was out for quite a while with a broken rib recently so I was happy to see him back on the field and performing so well.

And inbetween three days of soccer games, we were able to find a local church and visited the Mormon Battalion church history site. The boys were cute as they enthusiastically panned for fake gold and then handed their nuggets to a little girl who was panning next to them. These are good souls on and off the field.

And I wasn’t complaining when I saw this in my rear view mirror on the way home!