I took Cannon to his Thursday night soccer tryout.

After a few minutes, I was joined on the sidelines by the dad of Cannon’s friend and teammate. We talked about the team, made predictions for new players and dissected the new coaching staff. He was so passionate about soccer and I loved his energy and effort to make the team better.

Two days later I received a text sharing some heartbreaking news: Just 24 hours after chatting with him on the sidelines, at 39-years-old he had suffered a traumatic stroke and his prognosis was grim but we were hopeful he could fight his way out of it.

We joined them in prayer for a miracle.

Cannon played with their son multiple times.

There were local restaurants donating their proceeds.

There was not a day that went by where we didn’t get an update and we continued our prayers.

Unfortunately, two weeks later he passed away leaving a wife and three young children behind.

And I was still shocked to know I was talking with him just hours before his stroke and he was so full of life – how did it turn so bad so fast?!

Days later, Steve and Cannon attended a “FUNeral” in his honor and our community showed up. I’ve heard so many people say, “I want my funeral to be a party!” and then a somber church service is planned. But not this time. His wife said this is what his funeral would have been like if he could have planned it himself and she delivered a beautiful memorial in their backyard full of his favorite things.

I wish everyone could have met this special, creative and vivacious man – but his FUNeral gives you a pretty good idea of who he was and just how many people he touched. And I can’t speak highly of him without acknowledging a beautiful, creative and supportive wife who truly sought to honor her husband the best she could.

We will miss him on the sidelines. And we will miss his stories and laughter. Its hard to believe we’re starting another soccer season without him sitting next to us and it makes me sad most for his son – we will be cheering for him a little louder this year.

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