Just 7 days after we returned from the senior trip to Lake Powell, we turned around and went back for our annual trip with friends. Ideally, we could have used a few more days to let our first round of sunburns heal but when the lake calls…

Our kids are getting older which makes this trip easier and easier every year. Gone are the days of making kids sleep in their life jackets and I couldn’t be more grateful. Steve and I always joke that Lake Powell is the vacation kids’ dreams are made of but it’s so much work on the adults. But luckily the work is getting a little easier since we have so many older kids helping carry some of that weight. This is and always has been my happy place and it only gets better each year.

I know I say this every year, but this had to be one of my very favorite years. We’ve never had better weather and warmer water. (We always go the same week every year and it’s early in the season so the water is always a little brisk). Our kids have reached an age of independence and responsibility and it makes the vacation so much more enjoyable. Steve and I were able to surf together in the afternoons which was a highlight of the trip. We took advantage of sunset jetski rides each night. We talked late into the evening with friends around the fire and admired the sky full of stars. We reminisced about all the years we’ve been coming to Powell together and even all the years we spent back in Wisconsin together as we were starting our families.

We connected and we laughed and we built each other up. There’s nothing better.

The beauty of the lake is unmatched and I’m always left with a heart full of gratitude. If given the chance, I would turn around and go again 7 days later!