Because there are always too many pictures and memories to fit into a single post!

I love this place. I love these people. I love these memories forever cataloged in my mind and heart.

It used to be our “elementary age” picture was the biggest group of kids. It’s getting smaller every year.

Junior high and high school kids.

Graduates and beyond. We have two newbies to the group this year and we’re missing two who are serving missions in London, England and Lisbon, Portugal. Next year we’ll have the missionary home from England but we’ll have two more serving in addition to the one in Lisbon. We figure from here on out we’ll always be missing someone serving a mission and it’s likely we’ll be adding someone new every year!

We spent every night gathered together (all 46 of us!) for a nightly devotional and its always a favorite memory. This year, I enjoyed the last evening when one of the families took the lead on the discussion and shared the recent serious health struggles they’ve been through with their teenage boy. We were made aware of these struggles two months prior and at the time we joined together in prayers and a special fast. But to hear their experiences and the miracles and mercies they witnessed was tender and it made for an emotional evening.

This is a powerful and strengthening group of friends and I’m grateful for this annual vacation to reconnect on a different level.