Business on top…

Steve got an email from Hunter while he was at school a few weeks back: Can I buy 1/4 of Tesla stock? (If one of our kids wants to buy a fraction of a stock, Steve is always willing to buy the other portion)

Steve wrote back: Write back confirming you want it and I will buy it today. 

Hunter replied: 1/4 of tesla, if I can. this is hunt-man

Steve replied: I bought it! 

There’s a couple things I find funny about this exchange. #1 – Hunter is tracking stocks in his free time at school – not your typical 6th grader. #2 – he wants to spend his money on stocks instead of lego sets – he’s growing up. #3 – on his second email he wanted to clarify who was asking to buy the stock by stating, “this is hunt-man”. #4 – Hunter has an obsession with Tesla right now and believes in the company 1000%.

One more thing – He’s often business on top, party on the bottom! 🙂

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Evening Sprinklers…

We have a pool in our backyard, and yet nothing beats an evening sprinkler run in the front yard.

I think of my own sprinkler runs when I was a kid. We had large sprinklers that threw out a bunch of water in a heavy stream – the sprinklers you didn’t want to stand too close because when the stream of water hit your body it stung. The sprinklers that we couldn’t touch because it would mess up the watering pattern and my dad would get on us.

My kids’ experience is much different. We have low pressure sprinklers so it feels like a light rain storm they’re running through. Not to mention they can rotate the heads as many times as they want and it wont alter our sprinkler pattern.

They don’t know how good they have it! 🙂

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Love where you live…part 2…

If I’m being honest, our block party is hard to beat. 🙂

Every spring our neighborhood throws together a block party and every year is bigger and better than the last. Last year, it was scheduled just as everything started shutting down. The initial thought was to postpone it until fall. And then fall rolled around and we still weren’t in a position to gather so we pushed it off again. It had been two years since our last block party and so many new families had moved in and we hadn’t had a chance to meet them. In passing, I mentioned to a neighbor that we should look into having it this year. Time was running short until school got out and the craziness of the end of the school year. Wouldn’t you know, a few days later in my inbox, he had sent the email stating the block party was on.

What’s unique about our block is so many people have a specific skill set, which means everyone knows their role. I design the flyers and get them out to the neighborhood and on our facebook group. The balloon animal neighbor shows up with an apron full of balloons. The family with the cotton candy machine. The family with the popcorn machine. The snow cone machine. The candy cannon. The barrel train. The bubble machine. The bounce house. The speakers. The chairs and tables. The talented musicians. The 9 square. The classic cars. The large BBQs. The list could go on and on. Everyone shows up and brings something to share. (We rent the rock wall and the fireman and police come and show off their vehicles). Not to mention, there is no shortage of people to help set everything up and take everything down.

Some years we work and plan this event for over a month. This year, we pulled it off in one week thanks to a proactive neighbor.

The best part is everyone showed up. I met so many new people and connected with old friends, some I hadn’t seen since before COVID. And the kids ran around until the sun was tucked far beyond the horizon and their laughter was suspended in the air. It was magical. It was just like what you would see in the movies. It feels good to love where we live.

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Support staff…

Summer has begun which means my postings will be less frequent as my time is consumed with children home from school, but I’ll try and write when it works!

I’m still wrapping up posts from the school year and as I was scanning through photos, these photos stood out to me. If I were to label these – it would be “Support Staff”. My kids are fortunate to have the most amazing support staff and these are just a few of the most recent events that I scrolled past.

With all the family that lives locally, it’s impossible to make it to everything. But we make sure we hit some events for each niece and nephew – it keeps us connected. My kids are now at the stage that they have events and family shows up for them. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents – they have the best support staff anyone could ask for.

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6th grade graduation…which was really a parade…

Although we’ve gone back to school and recently even dropped the masks at school, there is still these stark reminders that we live in a very different world than we did a year and a half ago. The 6th grade oceanography trip was cancelled, which was to be expected. The teachers vs 6th grade volleyball game was cancelled because they didn’t want kids sharing a ball (although it’s fine at the high school level). And the 6th grade graduation and awards ceremony was non-existent. All of these were school based decisions and the school a mile and half away in our same district chose to keep their events.

In all reality, none of these events were really important or life-changing, but they were something these kids were looking forward to and I wish they could’ve participated in just a few of these fun events they had anticipated. Instead, we got to watch them walk around the school in a parade. They encouraged parents to make posters and bring balloons and treat it like a celebration…so we did. We wanted Hunter to feel celebrated as he leaves behind elementary school for junior high. He will be giving up his recess time which is a big milestone in his life!

He made some great friends his first year in kindergarten and those boys still hold a special place in his life.

Our neighborhood has quite the 6th grade posse and it is not unusual to see this unruly group riding up and down the streets on their long boards. Life is more fun when you’re surrounded by friends. I remember talking to Hallie a few years back about going to 7th grade and she was so bugged that we were going to make her ride the bus (how cruel were we!). Hunter just mentioned today in passing how fun riding the bus is because it’s an extra 30 minutes that he gets to see his friends every day. Paradigm shift!

I was surprised to see our friends show up to the parade with the stick faces I made two years ago when their buddy was celebrating his birthday in the burn unit. We also used them the first day of school when they all started back at school and their friend was still in the hospital. They’ve grown up just a bit! I’ve got a feeling those faces are going to show up many more times in the years to come.

6th grade didn’t go as we expected. Every step along the way there were minor disappointments. (three different teacher assignments, cancelling of his off-campus GT class that was going to be focusing on robotics, after school programs didn’t happen, student council that really wasn’t, all major school events cancelled on top of all the 6th grade end of the year fun.) I think most can agree it was an interesting year where everyone had to give up a lot. But Hunter was the best one to handle the changes and let downs. He just expressed his disappointment and rolled with it. He squeezed out every bit of fun he could the last couple months and now he’s ready to move on and leave his three little brothers behind to rule the school.

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