Tournament weekend…

Hunter had a long and exhausting weekend with a soccer tournament.

Hunter only has one mode when he’s playing soccer – beast mode! He plays fast, he plays hard, and he plays physical. This is great when you have one game in a weekend. When you play three it makes it a little harder. Especially when your team only has one sub and the one sub is nursing an injury sustained at the beginning of the second game. They had some tired legs.

He played every minute of every game and by the end his body could feel it. He had taken a knee to his thigh in the first game of the tournament and he was in some pain. He woke up Saturday morning not sure if he could even run. But he iced. He heated. He stretched. He did electrotherapy stimulation. He did biofreeze. And he started the second game because the extra player hadn’t arrived. And you know what – he did great. He warmed up and within ten minutes you wouldn’t have even known he was hurting. (Although watching him walk today would tell a different story.)

He played hard just like he always does and he’s fun to watch. He plays defense and he had some great saves including a risky slide tackle in the box that he luckily managed to get a foot on because the other team was primed to score. Although, his highlight moment was in the last game – a tied game. He came up from his defensive position and the ball was bouncing around in front of their scoring goal, each person trying to get a foot on it. And Hunter comes full body sliding from out of nowhere and carried that ball into the net with his body.

Scoring as a defensive player is a special moment and I thought for sure he was going to rip his shirt off and run down the field. He was on a high Saturday night – despite being physically exhausted beyond measure. Call me crazy, but I love tournament weekends.

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Sous chef…

Hallie chicken has morphed into Hunter Chicken when he is home and making dinner. After Hunter got dinner in the oven the other day, he brought me my phone and showed me this picture of his dinner prep. This is how his mind works: Very structured and very meticulous. When I make this meal, I just dump it all in; he likes to create masterpieces.

When he eats his meals, he does it with precision. He carefully dishes up his plate, making sure everything is in its place. He is always creating/building something out of food. I need to get some more meals on his rotation so he can create more works of art!

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Amazon saving the day…

Here is my weekly gratitude for amazon! I am amazed just how much one company has transformed my life.

I am waist deep in home projects right now and I’m doing everything I can to keep pushing them along. I have been amazed at how few trips I’ve made to Home Depot thanks to Amazon. I need screws, and wire, and lights, and plumbing…everything you can imagine. And Amazon has delivered most of it…next day. Yes, it’s saving me a lot of time, but more than anything I have so many more options. A few weeks ago, I ran from one store to the next, for several hours trying to locate some very specific things I needed for the remodel and I still came up empty handed. Within 15 minutes of being home I had it ordered on Amazon and it was arriving the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, Home Depot still has a large piece of my heart (and pocketbook) but I love the convenience and options online. And I’m getting to know the delivery guy real well – I’ll miss him when I wrap this project up!

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Birthday boy…

The caboose is officially 5-years-old and our “baby” is hardly a baby anymore which is reason to celebrate!

Here’s a snapshot at 5-years-old:

He loves Hallie – he looks forward to any and all time he gets with her – and she is so good to him.

He has realized the power of the Amazon Alexa. I hear him asking questions all the time. How many days until March 2nd? How cold is it outside? How do you spell banana?

He has some friends in the neighborhood and the day is not complete if he’s not asking to play with them multiple times a day.

After Christmas we started weaning him off of daily naps – we figured he was getting old enough to not have a nap schedule rule our day. All of my kids have been late nappers, except Hunter.

He gets dressed all by himself every day and he usually puts on the same clothes he wore the day before. He’s efficient!

He’s a little reader and is almost at the 300 mark for his preschool.

His favorite toy his is 3 wheel globber scooter that he’s had forever. He has put a lot of miles around the neighborhood on that thing.

His favorite accessory is zip up hoodie. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside, he’s always searching for a hoodie to throw on.

He makes his bed relatively well and it includes a nice tower of beanie boo stuffed animals that he has collected from his siblings.

He asked for an RV for his birthday. He dreams big.

Time is hard for kids and right now for him everything is measured by when he goes to kindergarten. Can he be in a different car seat when he goes to kindergarten? Can he share a room with Cannon when he goes to kindergarten? Will this shirt fit him when he goes to kindergarten?

He has an exciting year ahead of him – which means an exciting year for all of us!

Happy birthday!

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Faith and Soccer…

Two years ago Hunter was ready to move to club soccer. We were ready for him to get some competitive play, but we weren’t sure we were ready for the commitment.

Due to our faith, we chose a no Sunday soccer club (which are really hard to come by) – meaning, he won’t ever be asked to play a game or practice on Sundays. We didn’t want to have to make that decision every time a tournament came up that landed on Sundays. We made one decision up front and it has made our transition to club sports much easier.

On Hunter’s team, everyone has their own reason for joining the no Sunday team. For many it was a faith based decision (from all different faiths), for some it was a scheduling decision not conflicting with other activities or work schedules, and for some it was the proximity to the practice fields.

Either way, they all landed on a team together and they have a giant for a coach. He leads them and coaches them in every way imaginable – including leading them in a prayer before each game.

He doesn’t share our faith, and his prayers sound different than ours and I love it all the same. I never tire of seeing this from the sidelines.

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