Loyal fan…

We live just one mile down the road from where Steve grew up – and Hallie attends his alma mater high school. So it isn’t surprising that we’ve stayed friends with some of his high school friends because several went to college and came back home. But what is fun is when his high school friends become my friends – and then everyone asks if we went to high school together! And then our kids became friends. And our story just keeps going.

We find ourselves sitting next to each other at football, soccer and basketball games. And although I didn’t attend this high school, I’ve been adopted into the community of loyal fans! And I have the red and blue spirit shoes to prove it. 🙂

Orphan bagels…

You may be wondering why I have a picture of toasted mini bagels. What you can’t tell from the picture is these toasted bagels are actually cold. Which means they’ve been sitting there for a while and nobody came back for them. If this was a one-time event, it wouldn’t have been picture worthy. Unfortunately, this happens far too frequently. Oddly enough, they don’t seem to belong to anyone.

They are orphan bagels. Everyone points the finger at someone else.

This is motherhood. Asking everyone in the house who toasted the bagels – in which everyone blames somebody else and I never end up getting a real answer! 🙂

A special (little) visitor…

One of my dearest friends/college roommate (and her little travel buddy) gave me a little birthday surprise after my family had left and they flew in from Washington for a very short visit, less than 48 hours. Would I have taken more time? Of course. But I’m so grateful I had a few moments with her and especially with this little guy because the next time I see him he’ll be huge.

We went to lunch and did a little shopping and that evening invited another roommate over to hang out with us. We laughed and reminisced and recounted so many good times.

We chased the sunset and almost caught it!

As we were getting ready for bed that evening we were standing in the bathroom chatting (just like old times) and we looked in the mirror and started laughing – why do I look like the jolly green giant next to her! I’m not that tall and she’s not that short – but here we stand!

And above all we admired that little boy. It’s been a while since we had a baby in the house and the boys were enamored.

With a face like that, he had all our attention.

My friend mentioned how interesting it is to step into someone else’s life for a period of time to see how their family functions on the daily – not in vacation mode. I had the same privilege last year when I was in their home for a few days without my kids. It’s enlightening.

We both have kids of similar ages (except their caboose baby) and we have so many things in common and yet our daily lives function differently. Both good and deliberate, but different. Goes to show there’s not one right way to raise a family. I adore her and I wish nothing more to be like her when I grow up. Despite our height difference, I still look up to her. 🙂

Sunday Mornings…

We just moved back to 9am church and it is kicking my booty. It doesn’t help that Hallie and I need to break some bad habits of staying up really late on Saturday nights. (Which was much or reasonable when we had 11:30am church – not so reasonable at 9am).

For years and years, Steve has attended meetings on Sunday mornings which meant the responsibility for getting kids ready and out the door for church fell on me. When the kids were younger this was an overwhelming task and Steve did every thing he could to help me out by prepping the night before.

Last night, he asked if he could help get the younger boys bathed so they were ready for Sunday morning. In the past, I always needed that help.

But last night was different. I recognized for the first time with early church getting kids ready wasn’t the chore it used to be. I could do it without help because the kids were fairly independent: They can shower and get dressed with minimal assistance and it was refreshing to recognize that.

Its one of those things I hadn’t noticed changing and then realized just how far we’ve come! And I am grateful. Just another benefit of kids getting older.

He’s a runner…

Hunter told me at the beginning of the month when school started after winter break that he was going to run cross country for the school. I am not a runner and I have a hard time understanding anyone who runs for fun. His schedule is full and he’s already participating in soccer and tennis…but he insisted he wanted to do it and it would be good training to keep him in shape for soccer. We had an honest conversation with the coach informing him Hunter wouldn’t be at all the trainings but he wanted him to run for the team anyway. In fact, the coach said he wanted him to run last year but he couldn’t convince him.

Today was his first meet (and our first meet – we had no idea how cross country meets were set up – we’re learning!) He started so strong and fast at the very front of the pack and Steve and I both were convinced he wouldn’t be able to keep that pace. But he stayed at the front the whole race – he didn’t let up. And towards the end he kicked it into high gear – and sprinted across the finish line to first place. Steve and I were looking at each other in disbelief – he’s a runner and we had no idea! We see him run in soccer games after a ball but that’s about it.

Now I understand why the coach was so willing to work with his schedule when he wouldn’t be able to attend all the trainings or meets. Hunter has enough competitive blood running through him he’s now got a personal time he’s working to beat.