This is what Hallie’s lettering practice looks like (she’s working on a custom piece for Steve’s mom). She has a desk in her room with stacks of similar pages – with all sorts of words and phrases. And my desk doesn’t look a whole lot different. When I’m talking on the phone – no paper is safe – I will write and doodle on everything in sight!

Hallie usually letters at her desk but the other afternoon she got home from school and her homework was light. So we sat in the kitchen talking and lettering with the boys faint squeals and screams coming from the backyard. It only lasted a half hour before we were interrupted with dinner plans and picking up kids, but that half hour was some quality time that I did not take for granted.

I need more of those moments in my life and I’ll never get tired of hearing that girl talk about her day.

Magnet frames…

Hallie has worked hard this past year (with the help of me and my dad) and she finally has a product ready to take to market. I present Hallie’s Switch Frames. They are a solid walnut or maple frame with high strength magnets. She is selling a 12″ frame (perfect for 11×17 poster, 11×14 picture or 8.5 x 11 landscape) for $25. You can swap pictures and posters with ease! Even better – she’s including a digital download of her very own calligraphy poster, For Unto Us a Child is Born. (Or if you live local to us in Arizona, she will provide a print of the poster.) The walnut frame is sealed with wipe-on poly – the maple frame is sanded and ready for the stain or paint of your choice to complement your decor or leave it as raw wood if you so choose! Send an email to [email protected] to place an order or leave a comment below and she’ll get back to you. Thanks for supporting a young and budding artist and entrepreneur! Hallie's Frames Hallie's Frames Hallie's Frames

Hello Summer…

Today’s lettering post is brought to you by Hallie. She’s playing with watercolor and practicing her handwriting and every time she shows me something I’m impressed with her progress.

She’s graduating from 6th grade tomorrow and she’s been counting down the days to summer (She can officially say she’s in junior high then!) – vacation, seeing cousins, living in a swimsuit. She’s living her best life! I’m sure there will be lettering practice in her near future. Hello Summer!


Lettering practice…

I went back to the Crayolas this week. These are the markers I learned on and they’re the cheapest to practice with. They’re easy and forgiving – but they don’t blend like the Tombows. Unleash the inner kid!

Live with Courage

Lettering practice…

My lettering practice this week was focused on Easter.

Sunday Will Come

This quote by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin has to be one of my all-time favorite quotes. I find myself repeating…Sunday will come.

Sunday will come


Today’s lettering practice: Think happy thoughts!

We’ve just started spring break and we decided to stay put. Today I pulled out my lettering notebook (it’s been a while) and I lettered while the kids played outside. I’m trying to slow down my writing. I tend to make quick strokes and then am unhappy with the spacing or the angle or the…whatever it might be.

I’m working on being more intentional with every stroke. I’m realizing calligraphy/handwriting is one of those skills that continue to evolves. I could write this phrase every day for a month and it would continue to morph into something better. That’s actually a great challenge – writing the same thing over and over again over a period of time. I just may have to try that.