When we moved into our 1952 ranch style home in Milwaukee, WI we were a young family, fresh out of college – and we were buying in the peak of the market. What we could afford was a small, completely outdated home. On the tightest of budgets I found passion in slowly renovating our home until we had redone nearly every surface in the home.

After 5 years of laboring and finally happy with the finished product – it was time to leave Milwaukee and start again in Arizona. After a year of looking we finally landed on home that I absolutely love – but it needs plenty of love. I thought my budget for projects would be a little better this go around, but with a husband that went back to school we’re back on a shoestring budget with a house consumed with mauve carpet. I’ve got vision like you can’t imagine and one day (years from now) it will be the house of our dreams. But for now, we’re tackling it slowly one project at a time…

Click on the picture for more details about some of the projects taking place at Life With Fingerprints:

DIY Barn Lights DIY Easy Shelves Paper Organizer DIY Entertainment Center Walnut Chalkboard Wooden Nativity Wooden Star DIY Ceiling Tile Art DIY Napkin Pillows USA Wall Art Lego Halloween Costumes DIY Farmhouse Table DIY Pegboard Shelf  photo 20130409-DSC_9931-2.jpg  photo 20130114-DSC_7650-2.jpg  photo 20121013-DSC_4859-1.jpg  photo 20120710-DSC_1247.jpg  photo 20121109-DSC_5888-1.jpg  photo 20120920-DSC_3898-Edit.jpg  photo 20130122-DSC_7704-1.jpg  photo 20120906-DSC_3623-Edit-1.jpg  photo 20121122-DSC_6013-1.jpg  photo 20120719-DSC_1604.jpg  photo 20130207-DSC_7802.jpg  photo 20120215-DSC_5849.jpg  photo 20120215-DSC_5849.jpg  photo 20120215-DSC_5849.jpg  photo 20120215-DSC_5849.jpg

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