Disappearing ring…

My wedding ring doesn’t fit very well and it hasn’t for years. In the winter I don’t ever wear it because it constantly falls off but by the time summer rolls around, the heat makes my hands swell and it fits pretty well which is why I’ve never had it sized.

A couple weeks back, I was getting ready for church and I put my ring on. Later in the afternoon, I was taking the kids on a bike ride around the neighborhood and I recognized my ring was gone. It startled me because I couldn’t recall taking it off, but I assumed it was at home.

Hours later Steve returned from some meetings and was talking to me in the kitchen as I prepped food. He looked at my hand and asked where my ring was (which is very out of character because it doesn’t fit well and I’m always working with my hands, he knows I don’t often wear it.) I explained that I knew without a doubt I had it on in the morning at church and I hadn’t seen it since.

He’s a terrible actor and I could see through his expression that he was hiding something.

“Did you find my ring!?”


“Yes, you did!”

“I didn’t find it, but somebody else did!”

Someone in the ward after us had found my rind in the pew at church and found Steve and asked if they could turn it in because somebody would be looking for it. As soon as she held it out to give it to him, he recognized it as my ring and he assured them he would get it to their owner! 🙂

That was a close call. What are the chances that an honest person found it and then they found Steve to turn it in?! Needless to say – I have stashed my ring in a safe spot until I can get it to fit properly. I told Steve, he could add a smaller diamond band and it would probably fit perfectly. He didn’t bite. 🙂

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Spirit week…

I used to despise spirit week at my kids’ school – probably because I had a daughter that wanted to participate each day. Dress like a grandma for the 100th day of school, wacky hair, dress like a twin…you know the list – most parent’s nightmare.

And then my boys came along and spirit week was somehow simplified (thank you PTO) and suddenly spirit week is fun again. Wacky socks, hat day, school pride day…all things my kids can happily accomplish on their own. Hunter is convinced every week should have a hat day! He’s got a large enough collection he wouldn’t have to repeat one for a while.

And don’t mind Cannon wearing a winter coat – he still thinks its chilly enough for his winter jacket despite it being 90 degrees all week long! He’s got Arizona blood. 🙂

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Basketball wrap-up…

Hallie has moved on to tennis, but we’ve got to give basketball is well deserved space. Her season ended up being a roller coaster of emotions, especially after they thought it was cancelled (here).

But she kept playing. And just after the season was cancelled and then reinstated, she was asked to move up to the JV team. We love her dearly, but we were a little confused as to why they were bringing her up – she has so little experience and although athletic, she has a lot to learn. We felt she would get more out of staying on the freshman team and getting more playing time. But it wasn’t our decision and she moved up.

The first couple games she only got a couple minutes each game. But with each passing game she started to get more and more time until she was playing half the game. She played in close games. She scored. She stole the ball. She started to understand the game and she didn’t look quite as scared on the court! 🙂 She came a really long way in a short amount of time and she loved playing.

What’s funny is she went almost the whole season without fouling a single person, not one. And then in the second to last game she finally fouled someone when going for a loose ball. And then she didn’t stop – her aggression kicked in and after four fouls, the coach pulled her because he didn’t want her to have her first five fouls of the season in a single game!

So proud of her and how hard she has worked to play basketball – she’s now got a JV letter and ready to add more pins. 🙂

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Easter 2021…

Over the years, Easter for our family has become more than just a Sunday holiday. It starts the week before as we start to recount the events of the Savior’s last week. We talk. We read accounts in the scriptures. We watch uplifting videos. All of it is a beautiful lead into Easter Sunday.

Every few years, when Easter Sunday is the first Sunday of April, we end up having our semi-annual General Conference for our church (where we watch talks and messages from home) and Easter on the same weekend. This year happened to be an Easter Sunday/General Conference combo and it was beautiful. The messages we listened to this morning about Jesus Christ, his resurrection and atoning sacrifice were a beautiful reminder of His love for us and the power we have to change and become the best versions of ourselves. More than anything the messages offered hope for all those with heavy hearts and burdens that seem unbearable.

It was a powerful reminder to continue teaching these kids about Jesus Christ and his love for every single individual. To instill a faith in something so much larger and more powerful than they could ever imagine – a faith that will change their lives if they come to know Him.

Happy Easter!

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Good Friday…

Happy Good Friday. We’ve spent the week focusing on the final week of our Savior’s life and it brings us the culminating event in history – his crucifixion and resurrection – reason to celebrate. I remember last year when we were talking about Good Friday and one of the kids asked the question, “If he died, then what do we call it good?” Because that is the day he showed his love for each one of us – so much goodness came from this one day.

Looking forward to celebrating Easter this weekend.

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