I think I’ve taken photos three times to update this wall. And then I didn’t print them right away. And six months or so would pass and then the new pictures started to look outdated so I would convince myself to just wait and take new photos before printing. It was a vicious cycle.

But we were having a large gathering at our house and I figured now was as good of time as any to update the picture wall so our guests could have a more accurate view of our family. And Hallie wasn’t complaining that we were going to replace her 13-year-old life size image. She’s grown up just a little bit.

The shirt Bennett wore in the pictures above is now being worn by Briggs. It’s the traveling polo shirt that has graced our family pictures for years and years!

After I got them all up, I think every kid walked by the wall and commented on their updated picture.

I hope they like them because they may be up there for a while. 🙂

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Gilbert Turkey Trot…

It’s that time of year! It’s turkey trot season – when my time is consumed with planning the race and I’m constantly going over spreadsheets making sure I’ve buttoned everything up. My email is full of tasks and answering questions of runners. And my friend who wants to hang out knows I’ll be more available in a week!

Last year we had an amazing 4500 runners join our race and many more enjoying their morning by watching somebody else run! This is a race near and dear to my heart as 100% of proceeds go to two local charities: Families Fighting Blindness (my niece’s foundation) and AZ Brainfood where Hunter and I volunteer every Thursday morning.

If you’re local to Gilbert, Arizona, we’d love to have you join! Sign up today!

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Worker bees…

We had one of those parenting moments this weekend where you start to wonder if your kids actually know how to work (even better if they can work without complaining). So Steve created a list of jobs the kids needed to work on. One of those tasks was putting up the Christmas lights.

We didn’t need them up this early, but it was a good job the kids could work on. Each year, Hunter is the foreman on this project and he knows how to lead the troops. Just last year, Bennett was begging to go on the roof and help. This year getting to climb on the roof has lost its luster.

Briggs on the other hand is anxious for his time on the roof, but for now will enjoy the view from the walkway with a popsicle and gatorade after completing one of his jobs in the backyard.

As a side note – we switched to magnetic lights last year and they are a game changer. Each light has a magnetic back that sticks to our drip edge. It makes for beautiful, crisp lines and the installation and take down is a breeze. I’m sure there are several companies that make these types of lights but we purchased ours from here. It’s a bit of an investment, but we were buying new sets every year because bulbs would go out and the whole line would go down. So I think in the long run this will be much better.

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Love notes…

Bennett left for school before Hallie so he made sure to leave a note for her on every window. This was my favorite.

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Suns date…

Hallie has a dance coming up and it is the tradition of the area to do a “day-date” before the dance. Usually it’s a week or two before, but with Thanksgiving coming up and Veteran’s Day three day weekend, Hallie’s group (girl ask guy) decided to do their date last weekend. They have a large group and trying to make decisions by large committee is tiresome to say the least. But shockingly enough, they all agreed pretty quickly on this date idea: A Suns basketball game.

The guys were more than happy to go to the game for their date. And everyone showed up in varying Suns gear.

They took the light rail downtown so they could all ride together and that was the best decision. and they grabbed dinner before heading to the game. They had the highest nose bleed seats and yet they were just happy to be there.

The Suns played the same team the night before and lost by just two points in the last second of the game. But this night was different. They pulled off an easy win and the group had a great time.

High school is full of good times!

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