The busy teenager life…

As many mothers lament each new phase their child enters – as they slowly shed childhood – I rejoice.

And let me tell you, the next stage that Hallie is entering could not come at a better time: Driving. She is approximately 2 months away from getting her driver’s permit (which really means nothing to me because she has to have an adult in the car at all times) but it does mean she’s only 8 months away from an actual driver’s license. A license that allows her to drive to and from her various activities.

I think life has a natural flow and that flow involves busy teenagers. So busy that mothers are left to rejoice when the child they once help walk, finally sits behind the wheel and backs out of the driveway on their own.

I feel like I spend most of my afternoons running children around, but Hallie is by the far the one I cart around the most. Due to COVID, sports at the school have been a little jumbled and a little unconventional which leaves her running to and from the school right now multiple times a day because her winter school sport is overlapping her spring school sport. It’s a lot of to keep straight. The only advantage to all this back and forth is our car time. It’s our time to chat. Catch up. Talk about the day. I’m there for it.

I just wish I was there for it less times a day! 🙂

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Heiroglyphics trail…

Somewhere on the road of parenting we convinced our kids to go hiking with us. I actually don’t even remember when that was, but I’m sure there was a first time. And I can almost guarantee there was complaining. I’m sure there was probably enough complaining to warrant us never hiking again, but we went hiking again anyway. And then we hiked some more. I remember taking the kids to Zion for the first time when Briggs was a baby and he’s in every picture strapped to my chest, happy as can be.

Years later, we have kids that enjoy hiking (although there’s always a kid or two that would prefer to do something else the day we plan a family hike!). In fact, Hunter just said this week he would do Ridgeline for the third time next week if he could.

We found a new hike we enjoyed exploring: Hieroglyphics Trail, a total of almost three miles round trip. This was more difficult than we had planned for due to the amount of rocks on the trail and Briggs’ small legs. He took a couple spills and we were fortunate that when he did take a tumble he didn’t notice the small drip of blood that formed and rolled down his leg. He would have lost his mind if he thought he had been injured! (He noticed two hours later as we were eating dinner at home.)

We had received a lot of rain in the valley the previous week and we were counting on a waterfall at the end of the trail. We have had such a dry year and the lack of a waterfall was evidence of that. Despite the lack of water, the kids loved exploring. At the end of the trail, you come upon some boulder/rocky terrain where hieroglyphics can be seen. The kids jumped and climbed and explored. This was a dream come true for our three older boys.

Briggs wanted to be like the big kids and run and jump around but it was a little nerve racking having him walk around in that area so he was subject to holding his mom’s hand which was a total buzz kill for his adventure. The kids could have spent far more time exploring this mountainside, which just means we’ll need to come back!

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Just a little demo…

Our involuntary bathroom remodel (thanks to our new year bathroom flooding) was at a stand still for FAR. TOO. LONG. Thanks to insurance. The one thing we all purchase and hope we never have to use!

I don’t even want to count the hours I’ve spent on the phone fighting this process but we had too move on because I was done fighting and waiting. Waiting for the fourth opinion as to whether the damaged cabinets can be saved or whether or not we have solid wood trim. Which we clearly do making it even more maddening that I have to fight it. Regardless, we’re moving forward. Todays demo included the shower upstairs. What we believed would be a relatively easy process wound up taken far more muscles and time than we anticipated – par for the course when doing projects! We had a full day of working and playing and then came home and started demo. Seeing how long it took us to do this little shower is making us dread the idea of ripping out our master bath with far more tile installed with mortar and chicken wire. (I had no idea back in the day tile was installed with chicken wire!!)

Are we done yet? 🙂

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Blowing Kisses Your Way Valentine…

Briggs was the only kid in the family that was able to take Valentine’s to school this year (much to the other kids’ chagrin.) Briggs and I walked the isles of Target looking for his special Valentines to give. He started with car erasers. And then he grabbed the bubbles. Then little stamps were added to the basket. By the time he had three options in the cart I had him make a decision. Stamps were quickly tossed out but he hemmed and hawed over the other two options. Ultimately bubbles won out without any rhyme or reason. And then he proceeded to talk about making his Valentines for the next week until we finally got around to making them!

He was so excited to go to school and ask a special girl in his class to be his Valentine. (he clearly has older siblings and I’m not sure when kids started asking kids to be their Valentine, but this year it’s a thing!) Unfortunately she was out of town and he had some serious disappointment…which was quickly suppressed with large amounts of candy from his valentines bag!

Download all the Valentine’s and even more at the resource library.

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Funny Comment…

We had an awesome Saturday last weekend. As we drove home that evening from the tennis courts, all seven of us in the car, we admired the colors of the sunset splashed across the horizon. Steve was sharing how much he had enjoyed the day. We slept in, we watched Hunter’s soccer, worked in the yard and played tennis all together. Steve went on to say that when he’s a grandpa, these are the days he’s going to look back on and remember. The time when all of us were at home spending time together.

From the backseat Briggs adds to Steve’s tender comment, “When I’m a grandpa, I’m going to eat peanuts.”

Which sounds like an oddly placed comment. But they call my dad “grandpa” and whenever he comes to visit we stock up on peanuts because he goes through an abnormal amount of peanuts (at least by our standards!) Briggs obviously associates grandpa with peanuts! What’s funny is I associate certain foods with my grandparents. Why is that?! I can’t see rainbow marshmallows and not think of my Grandma Lola, storing them in a recycled plastic container on the top of the fridge.

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