This helmet has been a favorite for three of our kids – and Briggs doesn’t even ride a bike. He just likes putting it on and the super powers that come with it.

Isn’t this childhood?!  An oversized bike helmet, filthy face, and a nozzle (which could entertain him for hours!) He’s living his best life right here!

The umbrella…

Rain is a novelty here. The kids get excited when they look outside and see rain. They scramble to find umbrellas so they can hear the pitter patter above their head. I caught this moment between Hallie and Cannon after school. They were taking turns running down the walkway and returning without getting wet. Hallie with her sucker and Cannon’s eye longingly hoping for a lick of Hallie’s sucker!

Nikon D750 | 85mm lens | 1/160 | 3.2

The best part of this picture is the umbrella Cannon is holding. As you can imagine – not many people are buying umbrellas in Arizona. But we brought that umbrella with us from Wisconsin where umbrellas were a must. How it’s still functioning with the way it’s played with is beyond me. But this was Hallie’s special umbrella and she loved it – and the matching rain boots were just a bonus! Every time one of the boys pulls it out of the closet I picture this girl right here.

This is childhood…

I often lament the loss of the “olden days” childhood experiences we all had growing up. The times when we weren’t over scheduled with organized activities. When our parents would let us roam the neighborhood without any fear. The evenings riding bikes outside after dinner until it got dark.   That doesn’t seem to happen today. Kids seem to play differently. But were’ starting to see a shift in our neighborhood and I’m loving the results.

When we moved into this home we were the youngest family in the subdivision, but we knew this is where we were supposed to be. And then the young families just kept moving in. The neighbor hood had a complete turnover and suddenly we were overrun with kids. You see groups of kids riding their bikes around, boys skateboarding, front yard football games. It’s become so playful and so much fun for my kids.

On a day off of school – this is what the retention basin looked like – neighborhood kickball with all ages participating (including parents). This is childhood.

Neighborhood kickball

Neighborhood kickball

Neighborhood kickball

Neighborhood kickball

Neighborhood kickball

Neighborhood kickball


My little explorer…

His knees are always dirty (he loves to dive when catching the football). He loves wearing tall socks and pulls them up as high as they will go. He always has a watch on his wrist. And he’s only worn pants one time to school this year. I think he’s making it a point to wear shorts every day and most of the time doesn’t he wear a sweatshirt. He loves to play, he loves to explore. I love to watch him experience the world.

Childhood is too short.

Nikon d750 | 24-120 mm lens | 1/500 Shutter | f/ 4.0  | 100 ISO

Piano Duo…

We moved the piano when we added a rug to the room and suddenly everyone has interest in the piano again. Funny how moving it from one corner to the other can do that. These two have been playing the same simple duet over and over again and whenever I try to sneak a video they immediately stop. I was able to pull off a picture though!

I love these simple childhood moments.

piano duo